Acoustic Partitioning Birmingham

If you need acoustic partitioning in Birmingham or the surrounding areas of the West Midlands, make our local company your first call. With our installations, acoustic performance is a key element, making them ideal for a wide range of offices and commercial properties. They offer the best of both design and performance, so you can add a modern touch to your space as well as adding effective sound proofing! These office screens are essential for creating separate and private areas throughout your premises so you can manage and organise your busy work environment. Our installations are strong, robust and reliable, and we source all of our materials from reputable manufacturers. Furthermore, our expert team will manage your project from start to finish to ensure quality control.

To find out more about our installation services, get in touch with us today to request a free quote.

Acoustic Glass Partitioning

The noise levels in an office can severely impact the productivity, privacy and wellbeing your team. This is why acoustics have always been a central focus in office interiors for architects and designers because they are essential for creating a comfortable environment. We always strive to provide our customers with the latest solutions available so we can design a space for you, that meets all of your needs. Acoustic glass partitioning are a great way to separate areas in an office while still keeping an atmosphere of openness and collaboration.

Our glass systems allow you to create meeting rooms, reception areas and break rooms in open-plan offices. They keep sound in, and keep sound out, with all of our installations being fire rated and manufactured to the latest regulations.

Office Acoustic Screens

Our office acoustic screens are a popular choice due to their sound proofing qualities, as well as their minimalistic and unobtrusive design. Furthermore, they are also a highly cost effective way of improving the acoustics in your space, as these glass dividers mean you won’t have to sound proof your entire property. You can also choose from a range of custom designs and colours to make your installations really stand out, and we can add your company logo for that personal touch. To find out more about our partitions, just call now!

Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic baffles are the best way to reduce sound in an open space. They hang down from the ceiling and absorb soundwaves. This improves the acoustics of a room without taking up valuable floor or wall space. 

Baffles prevent echoes, reverberation and sound reflection by stopping the soundwaves from bouncing around the room. This makes verbal communication easier and reduces the overall noise volume of a space. Designs can vary from basic, rectangular shapes to highly artistic sculptures. 

Contact Us For Acoustic Partitioning In Birmingham

For acoustic partitioning in Birmingham and the West Midlands, look no further than our specialist team.  We can install a wide range of glass screens in offices throughout the region, and we can tailor our services to suit your bespoke requirements and budget.

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