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Davroy Contracts offers high-quality glass doors in Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands. Our friendly, professional, and experienced team are ready to get to work in providing you with nothing but the very best.

Glass doors offer your office a sleek and professional air that sets the tone for everything that comes after. They are easy to install, simple to maintained, and highly customisable. All of our products are durable, made from quality materials, and sourced locally and ethically from leading suppliers.

Our Glass Doors


A beautiful, clear and sleek aesthetic glass door that makes the best use of the available light. Perfect for creating a sense of additional space. They can be designed to function at full room height or with an over-the-glass panel. As such, they can work on their own or as part of a full partition.


Framed glass doors offer a great way to properly mark off one section of space from another. They make for a minimalistic dividing line between spaces, while still making the best use of all of the natural light available.


Make the best use of your office space with a sliding glass door. Sidestep any concern over where a door opens or whether it blocks off anyone’s path. With these doors, you can simply slide them into the rest of a partition for a functional look.


Privacy and discretion are the names of the game when it comes to these glass doors. Whether you’re going in for a private meeting with a colleague or a client, these doors provide confidentiality and professionalism. What’s more, we offer these fantastic products in single or double glazing, for your convenience and freedom of choice.

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Don’t delay in outfitting your office space with high-quality bespoke glass doors. Our experienced, expert, and friendly team of technicians fit your doors to your exact specifications, all at competitive prices.

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