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Glass Doors Guidance

Glass doors are a staple feature of any modern office. They’re elegant and stylish, as well as practical. If your office already has glass partitioning, you’ll want a door that complements its appearance. We’ve put together a guide to glass office doors here.

Why Is Glass So Popular In Offices?

You may have noticed that a lot of commercial buildings have glass doors and partitions. This is because glass allows the natural light in, while still dividing large rooms into smaller, more productive areas. This means that you can make better use of space without sacrificing the benefits of sunlight.

Glass is also very resistant, so in areas like offices where people may be opening and closing the doors multiple times a day, it’s a great option.

Privacy Glass Doors

Not all glass doors will be completely translucent. You can get frosted glass, stickers and banded glazing for added privacy. If noise pollution is a worry, double glazed units are available, and we can use framing and seals to decrease any noise travel.

Single Glazed Framed Door D Handles

Glass Door Mechanisms

There are a few choices to make when deciding which doors you’d like. There are frameless doors, which look like large panels with no extra frills. You can also choose framed doors, which have a dividing line around the edge. These help to create more distinctive separation between areas, while also allowing plenty of natural light through. Finally, you can choose to have standard swing-out doors, or sliding doors. Sliding doors are an excellent choice if you’re limited on space.

Glass Manifestations

Because the team at Davroy create bespoke glass products, we can print your company branding, colours and logo onto your glass doors. This can be very aesthetically pleasing, and adds a sophisticated touch to any office space. The glass manifestations can act as a privacy measure, or could be used as a simple piece of banding through the middle of the glass. No matter what you have in mind, we can help bring it to life.

For Glass Doors & Bespoke Office Glass, Choose Davroy Contracts

We create bespoke glass office pieces for businesses in Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands. If you’d like to start a project with us, get in contact today. A member of our friendly team would be more than happy to discuss your ideas.

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