Busy Office With 4 People Sitting In A Meeting Room

How To Reduce Noise In Your Office

Offices can become busy places, particularly when you have a lot of employees. This can create noise, which can be distracting. So, you’ll want to control the volume in some areas of the office. There are a few things you can do to help with this. We’ve made a guide to help you choose which fittings will reduce noise in your workplace.

Sound Reducing Flooring

You may find some modern offices have tiled flooring in their reception areas. This can create a lot of noise when people walk over it. For this reason, it’s not a good idea to use tiles in working areas. When you choose something softer like carpet, LVT or even engineered wood, this noise is significantly reduced.

Soft Furnishings & Noise Absorbing Furniture

Office spaces not only look better with a few soft furnishings, they also sound better. Sofas, curtains, cushions and carpets all do a good job at reducing noise in office spaces. Fabrics have excellent sound absorbing qualities, and have the added benefit of creating a comfortable working environment.

Acoustic Partitioning

Partitioning is a great way to divide your office into different working spaces. Modern office partitioning can have sound absorbing qualities. This makes it much easier to create quiet work areas that foster productivity and focus. You can also use acoustic partitioning to ensure that noisier areas like meeting rooms don’t distract the rest of your office.

Suspended ceiling in an large coffee shop

Drop Ceilings

Drop ceilings can be fitted with noise absorbing panels, which can reduce the volume in your office. This is great, particularly if you have loud HVAC systems. The suspended ceiling will not only hide any unsightly wires, pipework and ductwork above the office, they’ll also ensure that any noises those things generate stay contained.

For Noise Reducing Office Design, Choose Davroy Contracts Ltd

If you have an office where noise is a concern, get in touch with our team. We can help you design an office layout with features that help to reduce sound pollution. A quieter office means that your employees will be less distracted, more productive and comfortable in their workspace. We offer a number of services that can all contribute to reducing the amount of noise in your office. Whether you need drop ceilings, acoustic partitioning or a brand new office design, we can help.

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