Modern Office Design With Meeting Rooms With Glass Partitioning

Office Refurbishments & Renovation Ideas

Renovating your office could have a big impact on employee happiness and productivity. Office refurbishments are an excellent way to improve working life. We’ve put together a few ideas for how to begin planning your new office layout.

Decide Which Office Refurbishments You’d Like

If you’re heading the project, then the first thing to do is decide what features you would like. You may want to open up some space and create larger work areas. Or, you may wish to use glass partitioning and dividers to separate your office into smaller, more productive areas. If there’s a need for more private offices, make sure you plan these in and place them in appropriate areas. Similarly, you should consider what sort of foot traffic each part of your office may attract. You don’t want to place a busy HR office next to a quiet meeting room, as this could cause distractions.

Discuss Your Office Refurbishment Plans With Your Employees

Once you’ve got a few ideas down, it’s a great idea to share these with the people who will benefit most from them. Gather together a group of trusted employees and discuss your office refurbishment plans. They may be able to offer useful advice to ensure any changes you make are done for optimum benefit. If you don’t consult with a few members of staff, you could find that you miss some important details. So, it’s always best to allow a second set of eyes on your plans before you go ahead.

Office with glass walls

Plan Your Spaces

Once you’ve decided what spaces you need and where you’re going to put them, you’ll want to decide what they’re going to look like. Perhaps you’d like to put some company branding on your glass partitioning. Or, maybe you’re looking for a more open feel with clear frameless glass. If your company have a colour scheme, you could incorporate this into the décor. Seating areas with sofas and chairs in your company colours can look very professional, while also providing comfortable areas for employees to relax and work.

For Office Refurbishments, Choose Davroy Contracts

If you’re planning to change the look and layout of your office, give Davroy Contracts a call today. Our expert team can help you create the perfect working environment.

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