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Open Plan Workspace Vs Closed: The Pros & Cons

Are you thinking about office refurbishments? If you are considering upgrading your workspace, it’s good to consider the whether an open plan or closed area is the best choice for you. Read on to find out the pros and cons of both.

Open Plan


Transparency and visibility is often important in many office settings. An open plan space offers a collaborative and social culture. For environments where team building and communication needs to be strong, this is essential. Having multiple desks in one rooms give the opportunity to share ideas and work together more intimately than separate offices.

Light & Airy

An open plan space usually means a larger area to work in. This means there’s better flexibility with the layout and opportunities to continually change up the design. A larger space provides lots of light too and makes the space more exposed to sunlight coming through available windows. Natural light is really important for our heath and well-being, so will be appreciated by your workforce.

White Office space

Closed Plan


If you’re considering office refurbishments, then perhaps a closed, more partitioned space is best for your business. If your team needs privacy, then this is your best option. They provide areas for individuals or small groups of people. This is great if there are a lot of meetings that need to be completed. If the work prioritises confidentiality, then a closed space is needed.

Office with partition

Reduced Noise

Another advantage of a closed area in office refurbishments is the reduced noise levels. As opposed to open plan, dividing up an office can reduce noise. If workers need to complete projects, then a closed off space will improve concentration levels. It’s possible that this might even increase productivity because there isn’t as many distractions.

Things To Consider

Glass partitioning is a great way to maintain the benefits of both open and closed plan spaces. By incorporating glass walls, you can still create defined areas whilst still allowing natural light to flow in the space.

The nature of the business, the company culture and the employees should all be considered before choosing new office refurbishments. After all, this will impact productivity and quality of work.

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