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What Are The Benefits Of Drop Ceilings?

You’re most likely to see drop ceilings in offices, schools and other commercial spaces. Because there’s a gap between the actual ceiling and the suspended one, all the pipes and wires are hidden. This creates a neat appearance that is often associated with working environments. There are many great reasons to choose these ceilings, let’s take a look at their advantages.

Noise Reduction & Sound Proofing

Drop ceilings can be made with sound absorbing products. Therefore, they can reduce the amount of noise in busy spaces. This helps to increase focus and productivity in working environments, while also reducing distractions.

Choosing sound-blocking tiles will greatly benefit your office. Not only will noise be reduced from inside the room, any sounds generated by HVAC systems or electrics above will also be significantly quieter.

Flexible Lighting Installation

Because drop ceilings have a gap above, this makes adding and moving lighting around much easier. It doesn’t really matter how the wiring looks or where it runs from, as it will all be concealed in the ceiling. In addition, with removable panels it’s very easy to modify the position of your lights. This means if you choose to rearrange your office, you won’t have to spend too long worrying about moving the lights around.

Office ceiling installation

It’s also easy to open up a panel to find any faults with your wiring, pipes or ductwork above. This makes repair work very simple.

Cost Efficient

Drop ceilings are surprisingly simple to install. This means that the initial fitting costs are low, and the disruption is very minimal. You’ll also be pleased to  know that there’s very little maintenance required. Once fitted, if there are any issues with your ceiling, you can replace individual panels quickly and without breaking the bank.

Fire Safety

A drop ceiling can provide between 30 minutes to an hour of fire protection. This meets the fire safety standards of most office spaces, giving people time to evacuate the building safely in the event of a fire. You can also fit additional fire barriers to a suspended ceiling for additional benefit.

If You’d Like To Fit Drop Ceilings, Choose Davroy Contracts Ltd

We can fit drop ceilings in office spaces, work spaces and homes. If you’d like to take advantage of the benefits of these ceilings, get in touch with our team today.

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