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Why Office Lighting Is Important

It’s very important to ensure that your workspace has the right lighting. Without adequate office lighting, there’s a risk of eye strain, headaches and stress. On the contrary, too much light can also cause headaches and stress due to the glare. There’s a few things that lighting will affect in the workplace, continue reading to discover what they are.

Productivity & Energy Levels

Humans are wired to respond to light levels. Our circadian rhythms adapt to our daily routine, and light plays a huge factor in this. Adequate light in the office will help people to maintain their energy levels throughout the working day. Improved wakefulness leads to better productivity and focus.

Better lighting can also lead to reduced sickness days, as employees are less likely to feel stressed or fatigued in the workplace.

Improve Health & Safety

Poor lighting is a health and safety risk. It’s important that people can see what they’re working on, whether that be written work, computer work or something more hands-on. When people aren’t able to see what they’re doing or where they’re going, things could be missed. This leads to more time spent on tasks that could be completed more efficiently if the lighting were adequate.

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Aesthetic Appeal

A well-lit office is much more attractive than one that is dingy and dim. If you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your office design, it makes sense to put the same energy into your lighting plan. You can use accent lights to highlight artwork, overhead lights to illuminate working spaces and provide desk lamps to allow employees to modify their own light.

Save Energy

Modern lights can be very energy efficient. Get rid of old fluorescent lighting and replace it with LEDs. Your employees will notice a difference in their working environment, and your energy bills should see a reduction. In the long term, good quality lighting will pay off in better energy efficiency.

To Plan Your Office Lighting & Design, Choose Davroy Contracts Ltd

We are experts in office design, so if you’ve decided it’s time to improve your office lighting, you can give us a call. We can install drop ceilings which allow you to modify your lighting with relative ease. We can also plan and carry out office refurbishments and fit outs, with the health and comfort of your employees as a priority. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas.

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